About Us

Through COBECC, there are nearly 800 ways to show that you care. As contributor, your generosity will keep hope alive for people locally, across the nation and around the world.

Your dollars will help to provide thousands of families and individuals with important services like child abuse prevention, disaster aid, day care, employment training, family counseling, emergency medical assistance food, home health care, and shelter from domestic violence.

As public employees, you should be recognized for how much you care. Your compassion is shown in your work, neighborhood involvement, and in the gift you give to COBECC. We thank you for showing you care through your generous contribution.

What is COBECC?

The City of Boston Employees Charitable Campaign, established in 1985, is governed by Executive Order dated September 5, 1985. COBECC is the only authorized payroll deduction workplace solicitation.

COBECC is voluntary and it affords city employees the opportunity to support private, nonprofit health and human services and environmental organizations. Each year, the Mayor selects a Citywide Campaign Manager for overall management of the campaign.


To keep things simple and spare you from repeated requests for contributions, the City of Boston alllows only one on-the-job fundraising campaign.

If my circumstances change, may I change the amount of my COBECC pledge or cancel it?

Yes, simply notify your payroll office and the change is made. Payroll deduction is the easiest way to give to COBECC.

What is the easiest way to give?

Just a small contribution out of each paycheck can mean a lot to a senior citizen with no fuel, a family suffering from domestic violence, a young child who needs medical treatment for cancer, a family made homeless because of a fire or disaster relief overseas. These are just a few of the people you can help.

How is my gift distributed?

That is up to you. When you give to COBECC, you have the choice of designating all or part of your gift to a particular agency or federation listed on the inside of the brochure.

Where did the dollars go?

Action for Boston Community Development $ 4,543.00
America’s Charities $ 8,046.94
Community Health Charities of New England $ 23,999.64
Community Works $ 6,135.33
Earth Share of New England $ 5,353.66
Global Impact $ 10,741.25
Independent Charities of America $ 29,113.58
Local Independent Charities of America $ 7,414.33
Neighbor to Nation $ 3,752.00
Partners for a Better World $ 6,134.75
Unaffiliated Organizations $ 91,586.50
Undesignated $ 20.00
United Way of Massachusetts Bay $ 15,577.55

Total $ 212,418.53

Can I be acknowledged for my gift from the agency designate?

Yes. You can request that the agency you select acknowledges your gift. Just check the box requesting an acknowledgement with your name and address and the Campaign Manager will forward your request to the proper agency or agencies. This information that you provide will remain confidential and cannot be used for any other purpose. It is up to the agency to respond to your request.